5–6 October 2023
Tools, Trades, and Technologies – Exploring Prehistory through Archaeolinguistics (SCAS, Uppsala).
27–30 April 2023
LAMP research week (SCAS, Uppsala).
26 April 2023
Peter Jackson Rova is giving an online presentation on “Oral poetics of ritual transformation in ancient Iran (and beyond)” at the “Orality and textuality in Zoroastrianism” seminar at City University of New York · further information and Zoom link
24 July 2023
Peter Jackson Rova. 2023. Devotion and artifice: Themes of suspension in the history of religions. Berlin & Boston: De Gruyter.
Jackson Rova 2023
30 March 2023
Indo-European Afterlife (SCAS, Uppsala).
Indo-European Afterlife
2 February 2023
Anders Kaliff & Terje Oestigaard. 2023. Indo-European fire rituals: Cattle and cultivation, cremation and cosmogony. London: Routledge.
Kaliff & Oestigaard 2023
18 November 2022
Jenny Larsson appeared on Nyhetsmorgon, a Swedish morning news and talk show on TV4, and talked about the LAMP project.
9 November 2022
Dead Poets and their Undying Fame – Perspectives on the Indo-European Poetic Traditions (SCAS, Uppsala).
Dead Poets and their Undying Fame
26–29 September 2022
LAMP research week (SCAS, Uppsala).
16 September 2022
Thomas Olander (ed.). 2022. The Indo-European language family: A phylogenetic perspective. Cambridge, UK, & New York: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108758666. – The book has been published open access with financial support from the LAMP project.
Olander 2022
Book release
15 September 2022
Book release for Karin Bojs’ book Europas mödrar (The mothers of Europe), which was prepared in dialogue with the LAMP research group.
Bojs 2022
13 September 2022
New and updated LAMP booklet.
2–3 June 2022
New Shoots from the Roots: Ancient Indo-European languages in context (University of Copenhagen), organised by LAMP and Connecting the Dots
1–2 June 2022
LAMP research days (University of Copenhagen).
11 May 2022
Exploring New Methods: Quantitative Approaches to Indo-European Linguistics (SCAS, Uppsala).
News article
13 April 2022
Språkgåtan som blev tabu (Forskning & Framsteg).
23 March 2022
The Next Step: Shaping the Future of Indo-European Studies (SCAS, Uppsala).
25 October 2021
Anders Kaliff & Terje Oestigaard. 2021. Werewolves, warriors and winter sacrifices (Occasional Papers in Archaeology 75). Uppsala: Uppsala universitet.
Kaliff & Oestigaard 2021
21 October 2021
Indo-European Ecologies (SCAS, Uppsala).
Guest lecture
18 October 2021
Gerd Carling: “Reconstructing the evolution of Indo-European grammar”, based on her article in Language (with Chundra Cathcart) (SCAS, Uppsala).
18–22 October 2021
LAMP research week (SCAS, Uppsala).
News article
8 October 2021
Nytt projekt tar reda på hur förhistoriska människor pratade (presentation of the LAMP project, Stockholm University)
16 September 2021
Indo-European Language and Culture (SCAS, Uppsala) (physical and Zoom)
Yearbook chapter
April 2021
Jenny Larsson has written a chapter for Riksbankens Jubileumsfond’s yearbook for 2021.
29 April 2021
Thomas Olander participated in the podcast “The origin and spread of Indo-European languages: Historical linguistics and the phylogenetics of languages” (Razib Khan's Unsupervised Learning).
19 April 2021
Jenny Larsson and Anders Kaliff participated in the TV production UR-samtiden where they discussed aspects of the LAMP-research.
LAMP book series
19 February 2021
The book series Stockholm Studies in Indo-European Language and Culture has been established at Stockholm University Press. The book series is aimed at scholars researching the older stages of the Indo-European language family from a multitude of perspectives, including historical linguistics, archaeology, ancient DNA and comparative mythology.
News article
26 December 2020
“Blod och svett på ”bästa fålen apelgrå” (discussing Kaliff and Oestigaard’s 2020 book), Aftonbladet
4 November 2020
SCAS TALKS: Jenny Larsson, “A treasure hunt to find the origin of the Indo-European languages”
News article
18 October 2020
Karin Bojs, “Brända hästar från Indien till Gamla Uppsala”, Dagens nyheter (behind paywall)
15–16 October 2020
Indo-European Interfaces: Building Bridges between Mythology, Linguistics and Archaeology (SCAS, Uppsala) (physical and Zoom)
13 October 2020
Anders Kaliff, “The Indo-European roots of the ancient Scandinavian horse sacrifice” (Zoom)
12–16 October 2020
LAMP research week at SCAS, Uppsala
11 July 2020
Anders Kaliff & Terje Oestigaard. 2020. The great Indo-European horse sacrifice : 4000 years of cosmological continuity from Sintashta and the Steppe to Scandinavian Skeid (Occasional Papers in Archaeology 72). Uppsala: Uppsala universitet.
Kaliff & Oestigaard 2020
7 February 2020
Kick-off seminar (Copenhagen)